Connecting Young Pro's with High School Students For a Better Tomorrow

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Connecting Young Pro's with High School Students For a Better Tomorrow


What is your idea and how will it increase Millennial civic engagement in your community?:

SideKicks is a new non-profit in Charlotte, NC that connects young professionals in their 20's and 30's with high school students through mentorship in which they attend community service and social events. High school applicants are chosen based on applications that demonstrate the "highest need" for a mentor- whether that be for academic, social, or economic reasons.

Young professionals and high school students are matched based upon similar career and personal interests. Throughout the school year the young professionals and high school students will attend bi-monthly service and social events with other SideKicks.

This program is designed to help young professionals invest their time and talent with the next generation, while helping high school students reach their full potential and achieve their dreams regardless of their background.


How would your idea be implemented?:

SideKicks is underway- collecting student and young professional applications throughout the summer and kicking off the program at the start of the 2012-2013 school year. Funding from this competition will help offset costs for social events for the upcoming school year; cover business costs (insurance, legal fees, etc); and help us to develop a model that can be spread to other cities. We'd love to start a SideKicksRDU, SideKicksDC, etc!

Make an Impact. Support SideKicks!

Where does your project take place?:

Charlotte, NC

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we need this for our young minds!

by larry304
over 3 years ago | Reply

Thanks for the votes! We are excited to impact high school students!

by ErinB
over 3 years ago | Reply

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