Young Democrats of Guilford County Monthly Voter Awareness Events

idea by jtfox


What is your idea and how will it increase Millennial civic engagement in your community?:

Our chapter of Young Democrats of Guilford County will host awareness events to spur energy and involvement within the youth agin like in 2008's presidential election. We will be getting College Democrats involved and hosting events with those various chapters on each campus.

How would your idea be implemented?:

We will be hosting events over the next four months with different themes for each. Each event will help boost our membership, give back to the community, as well grow and educate everyone in our County.

August 4th- YDNC Day, we are doing a canned food and voter registration campaign

September 8th- Annual cookout and membership drive

October- 1st and 3rd Saturday- Debate forums will consist of Young Democrats, Young Republicans, and Young Libertarians in our County

November- Working at polls and taking people to polls

Where does your project take place?:

These events will be hosted around and within Guilford County, NC

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